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Lifestyle Brands You Need to Know

John’s Brands

Lifestyle Brands You Need to Know

Connecting the outdoorsman to the outdoor lifestyle with quality products and brands.

Ask a Southern quail hunter to describe a day of hunting, and he will describe the energetic dogs coursing through stands of tall pines, carpeted with waist-high wire grass, searching for a covey of quail. He will paint a scene of late afternoon sunlight glowing through the pines in the cool, crisp winter air. This is “quail hunting,” but there is much more to this grand Southern tradition. Although people hunt quail all over the United States, bird hunting is strictly Southern and is as iconic as sweet tea, grits, and SEC football. 

Generations of southern men grew up learning to bird hunt with their fathers. At my father’s side, I was taught how to instinctively swing, mount, and shoot a shotgun, how to walk up on pointed dogs, what birds to shoot, how to tie a fly, and how to build a fire. Year after year, Dad and I hunted and fished together, building memories and strong bonds. At the time, I didn’t realize that this was a legacy unfolding. 

Southern culture has a way of drawing one into the lifestyle of the southern sportsman. From hunting quail and deer in the morning to enjoying oysters beside an outdoor fire, sharing the great outdoors with others is just a southern tradition. As with anything, having the right gear and clothing for those memorable moments is invaluable. These are just a few brands that I personally enjoy and hope you do as well.


Although this tradition still lives, it has changed.  The small, rural community that taught me how to be a man is just a distant memory, and the town itself is all but gone. The man that showed me a love and respect for the outdoors has a body that is failing, but there is still a deep connection to the outdoors. Dad taught me to connect to the land on my own terms with honesty and integrity. What I didn’t realize then was that he was teaching me more than just how to cast a rod or pick out a bird; he was offering the encouragement and wisdom I needed for life. The value of this inheritance and the thoughtfulness of the man that handed it down now lives in me. 

From Thanksgiving to the end of February, ask one of my southern friends or me what we’ve been doing lately, and the likely response is, “I’ve been bird hunting.”

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