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It’s Turkey Season! What you need to know

By March 23, 2023Hunting

Wild Turkey Hunting in Alabama and Georgia
For those who are looking for an exciting hunting experience, wild turkey hunting in Alabama and Georgia is the perfect choice! These two states provide some of the best turkey hunting opportunities in the country. Whether you’re a novice hunter or an experienced one, there are plenty of places to find wild turkeys in both states. In this blog post, we’ll explore why these two states offer such excellent turkey hunting opportunities, how to choose the right spot for your hunt, and what gear you should bring with you.

Why Alabama and Georgia Are Great for Turkey Hunting
Alabama and Georgia have long been known as great destinations for turkey hunting. Both states offer diverse terrain that makes it easy to find turkeys no matter what kind of conditions you’re looking for. In addition, their mild climate makes it possible to hunt all year round—unlike other areas where cold weather can put a damper on the season. The abundance of public land also means that hunters don’t need to worry about trespassing or paying high fees just to access certain areas. Finally, both states are home to thriving populations of wild turkeys which provides plenty of game for hunters.

Choosing Your Spot
When selecting a spot for your hunt, there are several factors to consider. First off, look at the terrain—turkeys tend to prefer open fields with plenty of cover, such as tall grasses and shrubs where they can hide while they feed. Secondly, think about access—while some spots may be more remote than others, make sure that you have easy access so that you can get out quickly if needed. Finally, consider the time of day—turkeys tend to be most active during dawn and dusk, so plan accordingly! With these three tips in mind, you should be able to find the perfect spot for your next hunt.

What Gear You Need
In order to ensure a successful hunt, make sure that you have all the necessary gear before heading out into the field. This includes camouflage clothing (for blending in with your surroundings), boots or waders (for keeping your feet dry), binoculars (for spotting potential targets), calls (for attracting turkeys), and decoys (for drawing them closer). Additionally, make sure that you take safety precautions by wearing blaze orange whenever possible and always being aware of your surroundings so that other hunters don’t mistake you for game!

Turkey hunting in Alabama and Georgia is an exciting experience that offers amazing opportunities for novice as well as experienced hunters alike. From its varied terrain to its mild climate and abundance of public land access points, both states provide everything needed for a successful hunt! To make sure you get the most out of your trip, remember to select the right spot based on terrain features like cover type and time-of-day activity levels; bring along all necessary gear like camouflage clothing, boots/waders binoculars calls & decoys; And always take safety precautions by wearing blaze orange when appropriate and being aware of your surroundings at all times! With these tips in mind – happy hunting!