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Get Outdoors, Alabama! Locally sourced = Fresh food

By June 4, 2023Lifestyle

Did you know? June is Great Outdoors month in Alabama, so get outdoors.

Why Supporting Local Farmers and Growers is Essential for Auburn’s City Market

This past weekend my family and I cruised around Auburn’s City Market as we do most every Saturday throughout the summer. City Markets are essential to our community as they bring together farmers, growers, and consumers looking for fresh and healthy produce. Auburn, Alabama’s City Market provides access to locally-sourced produce, local crafts, and other locally-made goods. Supporting local farmers and growers is essential for the growth and sustainability of Auburn’s City Market and the local agricultural economy. This blog post will explore the importance of supporting local farmers and growers at Auburn’s City Market and how it benefits the community.

Supporting Local Farmers and Growers Helps the Local Economy:

Buying directly from local farmers at Auburn’s City Market helps support the local agricultural economy. This ensures that money stays in the community and creates job opportunities. When you support local farmers and growers, you support their families and other small local businesses they depend on for their farm supplies. This creates solidarity in the local economy and boosts economic development.

Local Produce is Nutritious and Safe:

Most local farmers and growers use sustainable farming methods, which means they do not use genetically modified crops or antibiotics. This results in high-quality and nutritious products that are safe for consumption. Additionally, locally-sourced produce does not have to travel far, meaning it is fresher and more nutritious than store-bought produce that might have been picked weeks ago. One of my favorite booths is the Nourish Farms ( booth. My friend Robert Griffith and his family have some intriguing microgreens and mushrooms. Stop by and pick up some Lions Mane mushrooms and ask Robert for the crab cake recipe. 

Supporting Local Farmers Builds Community:

When you support local farmers and growers, you build a connection with your local community. Auburn’s City Market allows farmers and growers to interact directly with consumers, building relationships essential for community building. Additionally, buying local produce helps shorten the supply chain, providing a direct connection between farmers and consumers that fosters trust, open communication, and collaborative learning to produce better, fresher produce. Another of my favorite booths to visit is Gulf Shrimp Co. My friend Eddie Brown does a great job providing fresh gulf shrimp, never frozen, and be sure to get his homemade cocktail sauce.

In conclusion, supporting local farmers and growers at Auburn’s City Market is essential for the growth and sustainability of the local agricultural economy. Buying locally-sourced produce provides nutritious and safe food for consumption and is an opportunity to build connections within the community and strengthen the local economy. Let us all unite to support local farmers and growers and celebrate the abundance of fresh, local produce available at Auburn’s City Market. Now I get to enjoy a nice fresh shrimp boil with all locally sourced foods, yum.

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