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Fall Months = Apple Season in North GA

By August 23, 2023September 13th, 2023Places

In the heart of Georgia, you will find yourself enticed by the charming apple orchards of North Georgia. Their allure is undeniable, particularly in the cooler months when the trees are heavily laden with crisp, juicy apples. The rows upon rows of apple trees, with their leaves transitioning from summer’s lush greens to the warm hues of autumn, create an enchanting landscape that complements the region’s rolling hills. The orchards become a hub of activity during apple picking season. Families and friends take part in the fun task of selecting the perfect apples. The scent of ripe apples fills the air that creates an olfactory experience as memorable as the visual spectacle. The quaint mountain town of Blue Ridge, Georgia, apple picking is a popular autumn tradition.

The Mercier Orchards

The Mercier Orchards, a family-owned and operated apple orchard, sprawls over 300 acres of the lush Blue Ridge Mountains. With an array of apple varieties, from the McIntosh to Honeycrisp, apple picking at Mercier Orchards is an amazing experience. The sight of ripe, shiny apples from the branches against a backdrop of fall colors is a sight to behold. The orchard’s tractor rides to the apple fields add an element of adventure, making it a outing for all ages. Post apple picking, visitors can also indulge in the orchard’s bakery and market. It is famous for its fresh apple pies, apple cider donuts, and home-made apple cider. A trip to Blue Ridge in the fall is incomplete without a visit to Mercier Orchards, an symbol of the region’s rich apple heritage and an essential part of the classic Georgia autumn experience.

The North Georgia apple orchards, with their rustic charm and ample harvests, are proof of the region’s agricultural heritage and a visual feast in the autumn months.

Fall Months = Apple Season

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