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Unique Opportunity in the Appalachian Foothills

By September 7, 2023September 13th, 2023Land

Discover the Serene Beauty of Old Town Preserve in Tallapoosa, Georgia

Unique opportunity in the Appalachian foothills is nestled just a stone’s throw away from the charming town of Tallapoosa, Georgia. Here lies a hidden gem waiting to be explored—the Old Town Preserve. This sprawling 720-acre haven is a natural paradise, a sanctuary of lush greens, tranquil waters, and rugged terrain, offering a unique blend of luxury, serenity, and natural beauty. Join us as we take a closer look at this exceptional property and the community it’s nestled in.

The Property: A Natural Wonderland

Old Town Preserve is a nature lover’s dream come true. Its diverse landscape features mature timber along creeks and streams, while younger mixed pines and hardwoods adorn the ridges, creating a captivating canvas of nature’s finest offerings. Bordered by the bold Walker Creek, Providence Church Road, Norfolk Southern Railroad, and Old Highway 100, this vast property offers both privacy and accessibility.

The centerpiece of this magnificent estate is a 25-acre lake, its glistening waters reflecting the beauty that surrounds it. Four serene ponds dot the landscape, providing havens for local wildlife and peaceful spots for solitude seekers. Winding streams add a soothing melody to the symphony of serenity that envelops the Preserve.

The Lake and Private Airstrip: A Unique Combination

Adding to the uniqueness of Old Town Preserve is a 4,400 ft. FAA-registered landing strip and a 10,000 sq. ft. aircraft hangar, conveniently located near the 25-acre lake. Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast or simply seeking a convenient way to access this natural paradise, the private airstrip is a remarkable feature.

The Custom Home: Luxury in the Heart of Nature

At the heart of the Preserve stands a grand 7,716 sq. ft. custom home, a true masterpiece crafted by John Weiland Homes. This luxurious abode boasts ten bedrooms, six full baths, two half baths, a conference room, a media room, two office spaces, and more. The design is a perfect marriage of sophistication and comfort, blending seamlessly with the raw beauty of the Preserve.

The gated entrance, complete with a guardhouse, signifies the exclusivity and security of this remarkable property. Paved roads provide easy access, while underground utilities ensure modern comforts without compromising the natural aesthetic.

The Community: Where History Meets Opportunity

The name “Old Town Preserve” pays homage to the rich history of Tallapoosa, rooted in Native American heritage and gold mining. Today, Tallapoosa thrives as a community with diverse employment opportunities. Companies like Honda Precision Parts, Wayne Davis Concrete Co, and Custom Beverage Concepts thrive in Tallapoosa.

An Exceptional Property: Endless Possibilities

Old Town Preserve isn’t just a private retreat; it’s a canvas of possibilities. With Planned Unit Development zoning and existing infrastructure, this property could become a high-density, mixed-use development if desired. Whether you seek solitude or expansion, this land offers it all.

A Fantastic Location: The ABC Triangle

Situated in the “ABC Triangle” (Atlanta – Birmingham – Chattanooga) and minutes from I-20 Exit 5, Old Town Preserve offers the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the peace of this private landscape while being within an hour’s drive of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, one of the world’s busiest airports. This strategic location provides access to qualified professionals and a prime geographic position.

Your Personal Paradise Awaits

Don’t let this unique opportunity in the Appalachian foothills slip through your fingers. Whether you’re seeking a personal retreat, a development project, or a unique aviation destination, Old Town Preserve offers it all. Reach out to John Hardin at 334-524-2756 or Jesse Thompson at 770-317-5235 to schedule a private showing and make Old Town Preserve your own personal paradise. Embrace the beauty of nature, luxury, and opportunity in one extraordinary package.

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